Saturday, October 03, 2015

Catamount Reservoir 10-3-15

8 mile (118 runtotal) hike all around N. Catamount Reservoir and along S. Catamount Reservoir from the Limber Pine trail.  Fall color seems close to done but there were some nice trees still.  Playing with filters a bit in some of the duplicated photos below.

Pikes Peak


S Catamount Reservoir

N Catamount Reservoir

Paper wasp nest

The Crags

Probably deer carcass - put there by Mtn. Lion or man?

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Mueller State Park Cheesman Loop 9/26/15

About 5 miles (110 runtotal) on a warm fall day with some pretty Aspen views.

I like this one.  Some were gold, some were green, some were orange or red, some were brown, some were bare....

Cheesman Ranch

Mormon Cricket (in katydid family, not a true cricket)

Cahill Homestead

Western Bluebird