Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Sondermann Park 9-19-17


Big Painted Lady migration today on the Front Range - lots of people reported seeing many of these butterflies today.

Lesser Goldfinches

Northern Flicker

I think these are WWII planes - practicing for an airshow this weekend or something.

Laughing Dragon?

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Victor 9-16-17

How cool we saw Bighorn Sheep on 67 near the tunnel,

Bebee House - Mine Supervisor Residence

1899 newspapers in German and English and paper dolls as wallpaper

The Denver Republic June 21 1899

German language paper published in Colorado

Manitou Bath House, and something on Pikes Peak Ave.

Not sure what they were doing here.


This staircase to view inside the active mine is the bed of one of their huge dump trucks

What is this stuff?

See the holes?  Maybe going to blast?

Structure on the top of Pikes Peak zoomed in

a mini dump truck compared to some of them

Can barely still see lettering on this 120 year old wood one

Still quite a few wood markers

Very sad.

Mike's photo of all of us

Mike's photo of me in the Bebee House.