Saturday, April 25, 2015

Garden of the Gods 4-25-15

5 or 6 mile hike from the main lot in Garden of the Gods down to the Trading post and to Balancing Rock and then back to the main lot in a loop.  We really enjoyed the route up from the Trading Post via Siamese Twins and Palmer Trail.  Runtotal 53 miles or so.

White-throated Swifts

Rock pigeon

More Swifts

Black-billed Magpie and Western Scrub Jay

Which one is better, do you think?

Wavyleaf Dandelion

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Fountain Creek Nature Center 4/18/15

Birding 101 with Steve Getty and Linda Hodges today.

lots of bunnies


Red-winged Blackbird

Wood Duck

Mourning Dove

Fast water from recent snow/rain

American Robin


Say's Phoebe

Snowy Egret

Northern Shoveler

Black-crowned Night Heron

Face-off? :)

Belted Kingfisher


Canada Goose


American Coot