Saturday, February 15, 2014

Florissant Fossil Beds 2/15/14

We took advantage of warmer weather and fee-free day at this national park area to check out the trails, new visitor center, and break in some of the group's new showshoes.  Distance about 6 miles (27 total for our season count).

Petrified Redwood stump, about 34 million years old, covered up by a lahar from a volcanic eruption and preserved until now.

Snow depth averaged around a foot.  In the morning, we sunk in some, but as the day progressed the snow got softer and slushier.

One of a few cabin remnants on the Hans Loop Trail.

Nice views of Pikes Peak.

Fire mitigation piles.

Ponderosa Pine growing out of a Redwood (or what once was a Redwood).

Rose's new shoes!

A new way to make snow angels?

Hmm, maybe I need a newer pair like hers!  But the cheapo gaiters were great today!

Or his! :)

Boy those Redwoods were huge!!!!! :)  (Thanks, Mark).