Sunday, May 15, 2011

Easy Bag

I haven't sewn anything in quite awhile. I decided to make something very quick and easy. I had a panel fabric with birds on it that I turned into a bag using these directions: Twenty-Minute-Bag. I modified the directions slightly. The dimensions of my bag are different because I cut the panel so that each of the four main birds would be featured. The only other thing I did differently is I didn't cut the corners at angle; instead, I sewed across the corners to provide bag depth. See instructions for making bags out of t-shirts in my blog for more information on that. And, I didn't want inside-out fabric inside the bag, so I used two of the birds as lining inside of the bag. Also, I was running low on thread and getting lazy, so I didn't zig-zag stitch around the bag at the end - only straight-stitch. It could probably use a snap in the middle but I've never done that and don't have the equipment and I'm too lazy to do a button. Velcro or zipper could probably be done, too. But it is fine as is, too. I'm really slow and not particularly good at sewing, so from cutting to sewing this took longer than 20-minutes but the actual sewing was probably right on about 20 minutes with me sewing on the slowest setting.

Saturday, May 07, 2011

New Mexico Volcanoes and Ruins trip, Corral Bluffs Hike

Photos from a hike today and a trip last weekend. (Click links to see more photos).  Corral Bluffs is not yet open to the public except for a few guided hikes.  It is mostly low, sandy, plains-hot terrain.  There was a lot of talk of cool stuff found there like alligator (or maybe it was crocodile) fossils, but they don't let you see any of that.

Juniper in Corral Bluffs

Near Ludlow, CO