Saturday, January 28, 2017

Aiken Canyon 1-28-17


Mountain Lion tracks on our trail

pointing the way

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Geocaching 115 to Brush Hollow 1/21/17

Mark and I went geocaching down 115 to Brush Hollow Reservoir.  In several of the captions I have links to more information about some of the locations and history.

The caches we found - these are linked, click for the cache pages:
Wonderful View
Robin and Little John
Belated Anniversary
Pet Cemetery
Deadman's Canyon
Schaeffer Dam
Fremont Cache Box
Abe's Hideaway

Robin and Little John is a cache that is a fake rock.  Sherlock takes a break sitting in the cache cavity.

Sherlock proudly displays one of the day's harder finds - Belated Anniversary.

Sherlock of course needed the obligatory picture at the May Museum Giant Bug near one of the caches.

The next cache was at the Pet Cemetery.

One of the owners placed a cache to bring visitors to his pet.

Sherlock checked in with the Hound of the Baskervilles....

So do you think that is the family surname or just for the pets?

Several owners placed pet collars at the graves.

I think this is the oldest headstone I noted.  Newest was last year.  

We next went on to Henry Harkins's grave at Deadman's Canyon a.k.a. Sawmill Gulch.  He was killed by the Espinosa gang.

Remnants of the original 1863 headstone barely remain.  Coins are on top of the grave to ward off his ghost.

Sherlock checks in with a dinosaur at the Schaeffer Dam cache.

Schaeffer Dam was on Beaver Creek to the line drawn.  It failed in the flood of 1921.

Beaver Creek passing under 115 today.

The old Penrose downtown along the banks of Beaver Creek.  The Pen-Mac Hotel, the tall distant building behind the car, still stands on Broadway Street east of 115, but most of the other buildings are gone.

A Kestrel sitting on top of an irrigation wheel near Beaver Creek.

Brush Hollow Reservoir

Abe's Hideaway.  Inside the lid of this camouflaged pill bottle a penny is glued.  Hence the name of the cache.

Sherlock visits Abe.

Brush Hollow Reservoir

Mark is looking for a cache but we find out this is the wrong side to approach from.

There was more snow here than in town and a fog/mist hung over the valley into the afternoon.

The Red Baron buzzed us at the reservoir.

Brush Hollow Reservoir supplies the water for Penrose today instead of Lake McNeil, which had been behind the Schaeffer Dam when it failed.

Brush Hollow Reservoir

Mallards create wakes as they cross the reservoir.

Gold and silver

Happy Trails