Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Seven Falls 3/22/16

60 runtotal  about 5.5 today - very nice day with good friends!

One Canada Goose on one side of canyon way up high

Another Canada Goose on the other side, calling to its mate


Are they thinking of nesting up there?!

American Dippers!!!!!

Lots of big trees to hug!

Midnight Falls - very pretty in person

St. Mary's Falls from Inspiration Point trail

Mt. Rosa, Stove Cook Mt., St. Mary's Falls

Colorado Springs from Inspiration Point

Mt. Muscoco and Buffalo Creek Canyon behind from Inspiration Point

Some old ruins off the Sunshine trail near Old Stage Road - wish I could time travel


Sapsucker wells

Helen Hunt Jackson's old grave

awesome big cave seen across the way - looks very hard to access

Just about my favorite tree stump ever!

Probably a Ute Prayer tree

This tree is really big.

Wonder what they were blasting out.

Inside 1858

The tunnel to the overlook elevator