Thursday, July 30, 2015

Muscoco Mt 7/30/15

4-5 mile hike in North Cheyenne Canyon (82 runtotal).  New trail work is first half or less of the total distance to summit - the second half is still pretty rugged and requires scrambling or near-scrambling in a few places.

Raspberry season is here

These caterpillars were everywhere!

In the first photo of Muscoco above, I saw a cave on the left face, so I zoomed in and took a closer shot.  Got a big surprise when looking at it on my computer - almost like seeing a ghost.

Beetle kill looking bad now - much worse than the last time I was in the canyon - very visible on the east face of Cheyenne Mountain now, too.

Mt. Cutler

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Lincoln Mountain 7-16

4-5 mile stroll in Lincoln Mountain Open Space (77 runtotal) provided a stunning array of wildflowers today.

I didn't know mules were so big!

Douglas County Park Patrol