Tuesday, March 30, 2004

inna ilahe wa inna lilahe rajeeoon

My aunt died last night. She had been suffering from cancer and had been fighting it for a long time. I really didn't know her that well - she is a relative by marriage rather than blood and we rarely visited their family. But what I know of her is that she was kind and spunky. Are you supposed to feel really bad when a relative dies even if you didn't know them well? It is sad, but also good because she was suffering, but I really don't feel too much at the moment. Then there's guilt for not feeling too much. I guess they're going to cremate the body and have some kind of service on Sunday. I have to work on Sunday and it isn't something that can be canceled - so I feel kind of bad that I probably won't be there as it seems I should. Cremation is becoming very popular here because burial is much more expensive. I know cremation is not permitted in Islam, right? I wonder why. Are we still attached to our bodies after death physically and emotionally? I mean, would we feel pain at cremation? I heard of feeling the grave squeezing on the body - so would we feel the burning? Or does that squeezing not really relate to being buried but is something else altogether - some kind of punishment or purification not really of the body?

I know that living where I do right now, it is highly unlikely I would be buried as a Muslim and have a Muslim funeral, etc. What difference does that make? Does it harm you in some way? Imam Hussein (as) did not get a Muslim burial, right? So what is the point of it all - why is it so important and why do we do it? Is it a big deal not to be buried Muslim or is it not really a big concern?

My aunt was not Muslim, still are there things I should do for her now in terms of dua, etc?

I will probably post this on shiaroses to see if people have answers, and maybe abdg also.

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