Wednesday, September 29, 2004

15 Sha'ban

Wednesday night and Thursday day this years marks 15 Sha'ban on the Islamic calendar. This is the anniversary of the birth of the Imam of our age (as), as well as one of the nights when decrees may be made by Allah swt and when the doors of forgiveness are very open. The Ahlulbayt (as) are known for spending the entire night awake during such nights in prayer and supplication.

Mabrook everyone!

Dua'a for 15th NIGHT of SHA`BAN

Shaikh Toosi and Shaikh Kaf`ami said that recite the following during this night.

In the name of Allah the Beneficent, the Merciful.

O` my Allah the seekers have presented before You their requests in this night and the ambitious has resolved to reach Your guidance and the seekers are hoping Your grace and bounties.

And in this night you bestow Your hidden bounties, the provisions, gifts and presents upon those of Your creatures whom You please and You deny the same to the one for whom no divine decree has been ordained.

And here I am your worthless bondsman in want but hopeful for getting grace and bounties. O` my Master if You have kindly bestowed in this night on any one from Your creation any benefits, please bestow Your blessings on Mohammad and his pure and purified progeny, the best of the learned, and be kind to bestow on me Your wealth and bounties.  O` the Lord of the Prophets and pure progeny and His perfect greetings and salutations on them. Verily Allah is praise worthy and glorious.

O` Allah I invoke you as taught by You .  You therefore grant me my requests as You did promise.  You surely do not go against Your promise.

O` Allah! Send Your Blessings on Mohammad and his Progeny, Ameen.



Liahi Ta`arraza Laka fi Hazal Lailil Muta`arrezona wa qasadakal Qasedoona wa Ammala Faziaka wa Ma`roofakat Taleboona wa Laka fi Hazal Laile nafehatun wa Jawaa`ezun wa Ataya wa Mawahibo Tamunno Beha Alaa Man Tashaa o Min Ibadeka wa Tamna`oha Man Lam Tasbiq Lahul Inayato Minka waha Anaza Ubaidoksl Faqeero Ilaikal Mo`ammilo fazlaka wa Ma`roofaka Fa In Kunta Ya Maulaya Tafazzalta Fi Hazehil Lailate Ala Ahadin Min Khalqeka waudta Alaihe be aa`edatin Min atteka Fa Salle Alaa Mohammadin wa aale Mohammadit tayyebeenat Tahereenal Khaiyyereenal fazeleena wajud Alayya Be Tanleka wa Ma`roofeka ya Rabbal Aalameena wa Aalehit tahereena wa Sallama tasleeman Innallaha Hameedun Majeedun; Allahumma Inni ad`ooka Kama amarta Fastajib Li Kama wa`adta Innaka La tukhleful Mee`ad.

Allahoomma Salle Alaa Mohammadin wa Aale Mohammad, Ameen



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