Friday, March 09, 2007

A few of my favorite links for the week

Free American Sign Language Lessons

I've always been interested in languages, and I've always been interested in sign language - I used to constantly do finger lettering as a child until I learned to type and then I was constantly "typing" with my fingers - a sort of fidget. I've long thought it would be great to learn sign language.

Find Out What Maintenance You Should Be Getting For Your Car

Today I was listening to the auto tech teacher at our school. He was saying that cars are designed to last between 400,000-500,000 miles but the main reason they do not is that owners do not keep up on maintenance. I know I don't really do any "maintenance" aside from oil changes, etc., so I found a site that tells you what your scheduled maintenance for your particular vehicle should be.

Colorado Springs Police Blotter

I like to read what is going on in the town. I think every police department should publish a blotter and every citizen of that locale should read it.

Read and Search Journal Articles for Research

This came in VERY handy when I was doing my master's degree. I'd love to get another degree and take more classes whenever I can afford it, insha'allah.

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