Saturday, June 23, 2007

Byron Rose

Picture from The Gazette published June 14, 2007.

Picture taken at the lot.
(Pictures posted with permission from Laura.)

I see several people are coming to this site doing searches about Byron Rose. I will be sure to post any significant updates about his condition. Laura feels he his making a bit of progress or at least staying stable each day but it is slow and she hopes for your continued prayers.

My Asian lilies that I bought mail order last year are starting to bloom. They didn't come up last year, but I have literally like 50 coming up this year. The first color is pink - looks like orange will be next insha'allah!

But here is a picture of another plant - I forget what it is called - Santorini or something? - I bought it at the annual Horticultural Society plant sale at Monument Valley Park a few years ago. This is the best place to get plants as long as you go the first day before they're picked over a bit. I've never had anything bought there die on me, and that's pretty impressive if you know my gardening. (What gardening?) It is like this sagey color, but then it gets these green shoots with tiny yellow flowers. Strange, cool plant! Especially because it doesn't need much of anything from me in terms of maintenance.

And here is a "mystery" photo, in that I did not take it. :) Niece must've picked up the camera while they were playing computer games. Bonus points to you if you know the game they're playing!!!

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