Friday, May 29, 2009

Bob Hall's Lost Letter

Something interesting happened to me today. Yesterday was the last day of finals and today at school we teachers were busy doing cleaning and checkout. I was cleaning out my desk in my classroom and pulled out the bottom drawer as far as it would go and noticed some papers had fallen underneath it into a metal tray under the drawer. I stuck my hand in there and pulled out a stack of dusty papers.

There were English papers and Science papers from the mid 1990's. And there was something else. A letter, maybe something like a birthday card, sealed in its envelope addressed and stamped (with a 29 cent stamp, dating it to 1991-1994), but never mailed. The letter was from Bob Hall to another Hall relative in California. Bob Hall was at my school before I got there so I never knew him, but there is an image of him in the memorial garden next to our school. One graduation day in the mid-90's, I think around '94, he was diagnosed with cancer and died before school started the next fall. At that time I think he was an assistant principal. So here I was looking at a card from a man who died within a few years or months of writing it, but apparently lost it and never mailed it.

My friend gave me a stamp to make-up for the change in postage price since it was written, I put a little note on the back of the card explaining what had happened to it, and put it in the mail. I have no idea if the addresses are still valid or if the relatives are still alive, but I hope someone in Mr. Hall's family gets that letter. I know I would really like to get something like that if it were my relative.

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