Friday, April 23, 2010

Abraham Lincoln

I was working on the genealogy of Bessie Maud Hanks, my grandma's grandmother. I had made a mistake in identifying her parents and found a new connection.

Bessie's fourth-great grandfather Robert Shipley born in 1713 is the great-grandfather of Abraham Lincoln, and her other fourth-great grandfather Luke Hanks is another great-grandfather of Abraham Lincoln. My 7th great-grandparents who were married to each other, Joseph Hanks (son of Luke) and Ann Lee Shipley (daughter of Robert), had siblings married to each other named James Hanks and Lucy Shipley. James and Lucy are the parents of Nancy Hanks (Lincoln), mother of Abraham Lincoln. So, technically I think that makes Abraham Lincoln my second cousin, 7 generations removed.

Bessie's husband Milton Ooley was related to Davy Crockett , and Bessie was a witness to the Dalton Gang shootout as a girl. I wish I could talk to her!

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