Thursday, August 05, 2010

Castlewood Canyon State Park

Today I met my friend Carol at Castlewood Canyon State Park just south of Franktown, Colorado. We were there from 9am until after 3pm and saw the majority of the park. It was green and we saw lots of great wildlife - baby toads, an adult toad, two kinds of lizard, lots of butterflies, lots of grasshoppers, crayfish, minnows, a green hummingbird, and a Rainbow Trout on an adventure from Cherry Creek Reservoir - I wonder what that trout was thinking - where is he/she off to and why?

Lots of pretty flowers and choke cherries, apples at an old homestead site, and lots of poison ivy, too.

Each trail was different from the others - different terrain and views - which made them all great. Some of them you were looking on neighboring hay fields, some of them you were following the creek, and some of them were like mountain hikes in pines. Lots of rocks, stairs and bridges to make the trails interesting!

I highly recommend this park, just don't pick a really hot day!

Here are some more pictures I took.

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Carol said...

You got some great photos of a beautiful place!

I had so much fun - great memories were made.