Saturday, October 20, 2012

Swisher Trail (not) 10/20/12

Rose and I went 'hiking' today.  We had no plan, so when we met we decided to try the Swisher Trail to get to the Horns on Cheyenne Mountain, but hadn't researched it recently to remember exactly how to find the trail.  As a result, we bushwhacked straight up the back of Cheyenne Mountain until we got to the summit before the Horns, and it looked too difficult to navigate without being a rock climber to get to the Horns so then we bushwhacked it back down.  It was quite steep the whole way. I'm not sure there really is a trail anymore or that it is still public - but we definitely missed it.  Good adventure. :)  After further research, it does seem we started in the right place, but for good reason the trail is so little used it is easy to lose.  Having coming to Swisher via MacNiel, it seems Swisher is very steep and may be partly on private property or very close to it near its origins down below - still not sure.  Cheyenne Mountain is very heavily treed and wild - you are unlikely to see another soul off of MacNiel - so be careful.

Trashed cabin near road

Red-breasted Nuthatch stopping for a drink by the cabin.  The call is such a cute little beeping sound.

Pikes Peak

Mt. Rosa

Is this St. Peter's Dome?

On the way off the mountain from Old Stage Road

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