Saturday, November 17, 2012

May's Peak and Sesame Canyon Loop 11/17/12

This was a wonderful hike - lots of nice surprises.  We walked up a then-chilly High Drive and then a little-known trail to summit May's Peak, which had very nice 360 degree views.  Then we came down Sesame Canyon back to the road.  Mark's pedometer put it at nearly 8 miles.  Beautiful day, beautiful hike - thanks Mark. :)  May's Peak seems to be a somewhat less-known gem in North Cheyenne Canyon - does not get many visitors to the summit. If you cut out the High Drive part by starting in the North Cheyenne Canyon big lot, it would be significantly shorter and with significantly less incline.

Pygmy Nuthatch - there were LOTS of these

deer at the top of High Drive

Good views as we head around May's Peak

Chickaree - aka Pine Squirrel

Mark awoke some hibernating lady bugs under a piece of bark he picked up to prop his camera

The summit shot :)

The sun is burning through the tree! :)


Garden of the Gods

The bike cuts on Captain Jacks

Mountain Chickadee

Taco Bell rock

mossy forest in Sesame Canyon

Stellar's Jay

ice on Bear Creek

heading home

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