Saturday, December 01, 2012

Fox Run Regional Park 12/1/12

Relatively flat terrain - some ups and downs but net mostly level.  Treed, but not mountain, area in Black Forest.  Look for the Ute Prayer Trees that had been tied into knots or tied down to the ground.  Easy hiking and geocaching, plenty of people around.


Mark was thoughtful enough to plan for us to geocache since this park is rather 'mundane' in terms of trail/terrain difficulty compared to what we usually do.

Kimo's cache - nice set-up.

A few benches in the park purposefully situated to view Pikes Peak.

Contrails can be so beautiful!

Lots of twisted trees in the park, apparently from heavy snows, lightning, etc.

The light was starting to get low, I was having trouble finding Mark:)

Luckily I found a shelter as it was getting dark. :)  That's why the color seems faded - in low light my camera does poorly at detecting color.

These three following pictures are apparently Ute Prayer trees - bent toward the sacred Pikes Peak and prayed around by the Utes as they believed the prayers would be carried/repeated by the trees throughout the several hundred years of life of the tree.  Article about them here.

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