Saturday, January 26, 2013

Columbine Trail 1/26/13

Easy hike compared to some we've done, although yes, it has a few steep areas - but they're not too bad really. We could have done the up and back without much trouble but we just did the up, from Starsmore to the Helen Hunt Falls. Took two hours at a leisurely pace.  Down near the bottom there was this one tree that had several Stellar's Jays in it - and then it also had a Blue Jay and Magpie - lots of noise from all - some kind of argument or territory battle or something going on there - pretty interesting.  Also down on the lower part we looked across the road and saw these two teenaged boys high up on the other side.  They waved and called at us.  When we waved and called back they were so excited - they whooped and cheered - it was cute.  A few nice views to the opposite side of North Cheyenne Canyon or back toward its entrance.

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