Friday, March 22, 2013

Nicholas Comins

Nicholas Comins - the first 'cummings' in the united states - 
He came over in 1622 to Bennett's Plantation via the Sea Flower in Virginia on the James River.  He survived the Powhatan wars that killed 50 colonists at Bennett's Plantation and ended up in Jamestown Colony until the plantation reopened in June 1623.

Nicholas Comins (1602 - 1656)
is your 11th great grandfather

son of Nicholas Comins

son of Nicholas Cummins

son of William Cummins

son of Alexander Cummins

son of Malachi Cummins

son of Thomas Cummins

son of Thomas Cummings

son of Uriah Cummings

son of Isaiah Cummings

daughter of ira george Cummings

daughter of Nancy Ethel Cummings

daughter of frances marie andritsch

You are the daughter of kristine jo anderson - (not you?)

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