Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Intemann at Iron Mountain to Incline/Pipeline/Ute Trails 6-17-14

We started at Manitou Elementary and hiked up the Intemann trail and along it to Ruxton Ave, then up what we thought was the old Ute trail but may have been the pipeline, back down perhaps the Ute trail onto the Incline and then back Intemann to the school.  Steep in parts, and kind of hot today.  About 5 miles - 90.6 runtotal.

Looking over to Ute Pass

Williams Canyon

Cliff Dwellings on zoom

higher zoom

the Incline 

on zoom


House Wren

Mt. Manitou

on top of the mountain in front of Rocky Mountain

looking down to Manitou Springs, Colorado Springs, etc.

zoomed in a bit

on the incline


Garden of the Gods

bridge over the bottom of Williams Canyon

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