Saturday, September 13, 2014

Fall Bird Count Fountain Creek Nature Center 9/13/14

40 or so people counted birds at the park today.  I was in a group of 6 ladies covering areas 1, 2 and 3A - from Willow Springs ponds down to the old beaver lodge.  One notable bird was Black and White Warbler.  We also had Ferruginous Hawk and American Coot which are a little unusual based on historical count data.  Barn Swallows are still around, but to our shock, in the North Pavillion we discovered a nest with at least two babies nowhere near fledging - I hope they make it.  Saw some Domestic Geese and a black and white rabbit in Area 1 that I'm thinking may be someone's thrown-away pet.  Hope it makes it, too.  Osprey was exciting to see.  Lots of Wilson's Warblers and a sizable group of Yellow-Rumped and quite a number of Western Wood Pewees.  Lots of Downy Woodpeckers and Flickers.  One Flicker was sitting just right in shadow that we all had to give it a double-take.  

The young Cooper's Hawk below was back at the Nature Center - it was sitting in a little tree by the feeders eagerly spying on potential meals.  Many of little birds didn't seem to pay it much attention, although the Chickadees put up a bit of fuss.  Two blue-gray gnatcatchers flew right into its tree and only after getting there and having the Cooper's take note of them did they seem to notice it - but they didn't leave, they just repositioned themselves to keep a better eye.  Also at the center a Nighthawk came out in the day - I'm speculating the cold last night maybe kept him less active than usual and he went out at day to make up for a missed meal.

When it was facing away it looked like an all-black bird with a white patch, then facing this way it took binoculars and watching/hearing it call to get all in the group to be sure they were really seeing a Flicker. :)

The cheeky young Cooper's Hawk sitting at the bird feeders right at the Nature Center entrance.

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