Saturday, December 20, 2014

Christmas Bird Counts (Fountain 12-17-14 and Colorado Springs 12-20-14)

5 miles 12-17 at Fountain and 10 miles 12-20 at Colorado Springs areas 6b and 12b.  (200 runtotal)

Bushtits @ Willow Springs Ponds 12/17

Brown Creeper

Ruby Crowned Kinglet

Great Blue Heron (Fountain count)

American Wigeon


Intergrade Northern Flicker (Fountain count)

Double-crested Cormorant (Colorado Springs count @ Willow Springs)



American Kestrel


Tanja and I finishing up 12b - from dawn to dusk!

Mule deer

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To The River said...

It seems there is a lack of snow as well,it looks like it is September. It s the same here and everybody is already a bit nervous, including me (-: But love the pictures being warm and bright, it s good to get up early indeed (even I m still trying to displine myself:))