Saturday, January 17, 2015

Clear Springs Ranch 1-17-15

Walked a little over 6 miles (8.5 runtotal) from the parking lot on Loren Lane (I'm guessing named after Loren Whittemore north to the new fish passage and back (surprise - didn't know it was there, was heading for the Heron Rookery and it was just beyond it).  Got greeted by the ranch horse and dogs and the dogs accompanied us for half a mile or so before heading home.  No other visitors to the area the whole time we were there.  Beautiful day.

the old Sod House

Ferruginous Hawk

aptly named 'road'

Song Sparrow

Great Blue Heron rookery

Red-tailed Hawk at the rookery

Bald Eagle

Clear Springs Ranch fish passage - primarily for the Arkansas Darter

Hmm, not sure what?

These were about 9 ft. tall

Old moon - not too far from the sun, barely visible

old bridge

Fontaine qui bouille

curious dog

Seeing us off

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