Saturday, April 11, 2015

Sundance Mountain 4-11-15

We went up the Ice Cave Creek trail and got distracted by a Bearing Tree and survey marker long enough to decide to try to place a cache nearby to drop off a travel bug.  After that we continued on the Swank Trail and then decided to do Sundance.  Lots of social/other trails not on maps, but we ended up summiting both North and South Sundance mountains and happening across a summit geocache. Rather than backtracking to try to find the appropriate trail down that we missed on the way in, we followed a faint/screed/old trail down about 750 feet elevation from the summit back to the reservoirs.  When we got to the bottom the trail was completely undiscernable looking back right at it, and it is obviously rarely used and little known.  Distance 5 miles maybe, runtotal 47.5.
N Monument Creek

lower reservoir dam

lower reservoir

Red-breasted Nuthatch - tapping in the wood and eating little somethings

crossing Ice Cave Creek

by the bearing tree - Range/Township marker

North Summit of Sundance Mountain

Mt. Herman

Sand Lily

upper reservoir

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To The River said...

I was happy I saw ur comment about me not writing a lot (not at all:)) recently. I know my blog hasn't behaved well, mostly due to my theses, I m mentally off for a lot of things but it's not something I forgot at all. I went through your posts and there have been a lot of beautiful hiking and birds being captured. Here, there is a lot of snow still laying down on the mountains, more than 1 m high so hiking is still like in a winter time. But soon :) I enrolled for a hiking in Tatre Mountains in Poland this summer, so there is something to be seriously looking forward to:) Lots of greets from here! x