Saturday, May 09, 2015

Fountain Creek Spring Bird Count, Kites Return, BH Grosbeak visits yard 5-9-15

A week of rain continued the morning of the count with heavy storms before the start, and an interlude of rain and hail during.  Still managed about 85 species for the count despite the weather and smaller turnout. My group's highlight was a flock of about 100 Lark Buntings - beautiful and amazing - Colorado's State bird.

Here is the checklist from the area I covered (5 and 6N with Beth Payne and Tim Leppek):

Saw a Mississippi Kite in the usual tree in my back yard Thursday May 7.  Saw two today in the dead conifer about a block behind my house and in the tall backyard tree just south of the 'usual'.

Severe weather came through again followed by a new yard bird - Black-Headed Grosbeak - it even sang - a very clear, LOUD Robin-like song - there are recordings of their song at the link.

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