Saturday, August 01, 2015

8/1/15 Florence to Colorado City

Day trip drive from Florence through Wetmore, San Isabel, Rye, and Colorado City.

On the road to Wetmore is a sign about the short-lived settlement of Hardscrabble, noted for its early date.

Hmm, a hidden stash of used empty mason jars hiding behind a rock at the Hardscrabble turnout.  What's that all about???

Which photo of these buildings do you like best?

Bishop's Castle

The middle one is my childhood next door neighbors'.

Looks like the dragon is breathing fire....

On the 3rd floor of the castle there are some birds hanging out - at least two in this photo....

This one looks like a female Black-headed Grosbeak

Lake Isabel

Cuerno Verde campground, in the 'vicinity' of the site of the battle where he fell in 1779. More on Cuerno Verde here.  This article suggests his headress may not really be at the Vatican as the Wikipedia article states.   Another article suggests the final battle site may be off Burnt Mill Road further north up I-25 than the current marker at Colorado City.

Mountains as seen from Cuerno Verde rest stop.

Pikes Peak

Swallowtail Butterfly
Wheel Bug - my entomologist friend said it is unusual for Colorado - more common back east in places like Missouri.

10000 block of Old Pueblo Road - location where they accidentally found a Native American burial - a teen girl.

Not sure exactly where they had found the burial, but Police Line tape gave a clue.

So don't move into 'Ventana' Challenger Homes Master Planned Community if you prefer to avoid Native American burial grounds.

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