Sunday, October 11, 2015

Florissant Fossil Beds 10/10 and Lincoln Mountain 10/11/15

5.5 mile hike at Florissant Fossil beds - lots of sign of elk but didn't see any - followed by a roughly 4 mile hike (127.5 runtotal) at Lincoln Mountain - lots of pretty fall color showing up now!

Hiking Man - wearing a helmet or just helmet hair?

Red-tail Hawk

Pikes Peak

something to do with water pipes in the area

This is the meadow we were hoping to find the elk in.

Hans's cabin - it was short to begin with.

The one-color filter on my camera

Elk below, bear climbing up

Who lives here?

The nest

The purple guano/dung - ranger guy at the visitor center didn't know.  Maybe Wood rat, he said.

Elk were definitely around.

Neat looking dead Aspen tree

Petrified Redwood

Pikes Peak from Lincoln Mountain

Check out that fall color!

This cairn was here before, then gone, now it is back, with a log to sign - a guy has a thing inside to sign because he wants to petition Douglas County to put a bench there to commemorate veterans.

Black Swallowtail

Mule deer


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