Saturday, April 30, 2016

Fountain Creek Regional Park and Adams Open Space 4/30/16

78 runtotal  It was actually pretty nice out when we started out.  Around 11-ish it got quite nippy with the high winds but when we went over to Adams the terrain protected us from the wind making it much more comfortable.

Adams Open Space bird list:  lots of Blue-winged teal and some Cinnamon teal.  Big beaver dam and lots of beaver evidence.  Swainson's Thrush!

Fountain Creek Regional Park Green-tailed towhee, lots of swallows etc.

Robin on the nest

Flicker making a home

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Red-winged blackbird

American Golffinch

Black-crowned Night herons

Orange-crowned Warbler

Hunkered-down Mallard

They swam across the pond and came out not too far from us for a cute show!

Raven with Pigeon meal.  Maybe taking to a nest somewhere.

Wild turkeys

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