Saturday, May 21, 2016

Birding Festival 5/20-21/16

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The above are not my pictures - they are Flammulated Owl and Saw-Whet owl that we heard in the Manitou Experimental Forest.

This is showing the natural fire cycle of Ponderosa forest before people intervened.  This is what happens to keep the forest healthy.

Tree rings.

A tiny bit of the Hayman burn from the Manitou Experimental Forest.

We stood quietly in the moonlight and listened for owls.

From the zoo bird tour - these vultures make and protect a nest even through their real nesting season is winter.

Guinea Fowl

Mississippi Kite at my house thrown in the mix.

Green bees back at my house too.

Not an official zoo resident - Western Bluebird


Brian Botzan said...

Could you tell me what location in the forest you heard the owls? My wife and I would love to try to find them.

Diana Beatty said...

Top of a ridge about a mile, mile and a half up the road into the forest. I don't know how public it is - we were with someone who does banding for research at Colorado College.