Saturday, March 04, 2017

Castlewood Canyon 3-4-17


Today's hike had a little bit of everything - uphill, downhill, wind, sun, hot, cool, rocks, snow, ice, gobbling turkeys, creek crossing with boulder jump, signs of ancient human presence, etc.

A Ute might have made a cradleboard from this tree long ago.

Waaay up on the cliff, a Rock Squirrel watching us....

Love to think about the disaster(s) that led to this terrain today

passing well under the dam remnants

Willow Pinecone Midge Gall - a little 'worm' inside that will become a midge!

Mule deer did not want to be seen

on the trail up to the cave

a few icy spots

a Christmas Tree/memorial

presumably his money clip

gotta visit the gnome!

dam from the other side

this almost has to be natural given its position way up a cliff face but looks like a treasure box to me!

this might be a Ute burial tree

so might this one.

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