Tuesday, April 13, 2004

AP Stats

Had a sub yesterday; I was at a meeting for planning the AP Statistics curriculum for next year. We've met a few times this year and I always find the meetings useful and productive. I am looking forward to teaching the class. But having a sub is always a bit stressful because you have to do more work to prepare for it and cleaning up afterward then if you had just been there yourself. Hopefully things went well and I won't have any extra chaos when I get back. I am really looking forward to teaching AP Stats next year.

We got lots of useful goodies at the meeting today; we finally found out there is a teacher's guide, for example. It doesn't have much in it, but we also got a test booklet we can draw from for tests and quizzes to give our kids next year. We also got some software and material to go with it, called Fathom. It is statistics software, but primarily we'll be using the statistics calculators like the TI -83 and TI-84. The 84's come out next month and I am hoping to buy one. Not cheap, they're like $120.

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