Friday, April 02, 2004

A Moment in the Sun

Wow today is turning out to be a busy blog day, but I didn't want to pass this up.

This evening I had a really nice, guilty pleasure. My mom and I go to the movies on Friday and tonight we didn't go to our usual theater. At this different theater, we ran into one of the board members of the charter school I used to teach at.

They sort of didn't renew my contract for the third year because they didn't like that I was looking elsewhere. There were some nice things about teaching at a small school like that, but the politics were just unbearable - incredible - a major eye-opener for me.

Anyway, this board member tells me that I was really missed at that school. Then she says, "We didn't know how very much we'd miss you - and I mean that as a compliment." She asked where I was teaching and we chatted a little and when I told her I would be teaching AP Statistics next year (insha'allah) she got big impressed eyes and said she was happy for me.

So I enjoyed my little moment of having one of them tell me essentially that they realized they made a mistake about me and didn't realize what they had until I was gone. :) I have heard so much about the troubles they've had with teachers since I've left and I have been so happy to be elsewhere. Okay, I need to get un-full of myself, but it made me feel vindicated and respected, it was nice of her to say it.

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