Sunday, December 18, 2005

I just thought this was interesting.....

It snowed all weekend - big pretty flakes, but coooold. Drove up to the mountains and it was clear there because the clouds were all down low and enjoyed a beautiful view of Pikes Peak from Woodland Park. The birds outside were crazy at the feeder - whenever the weather turns bad, the wild birds want to eat like there's no tomorrow - I think they must need the extra food to try to stay warm and it must be instinct when weather turns to eat up trying to store for the future a little bit.

I read this article yesterday and thought it was interesting....

14-point deer turns out to be doe

The Associated Press

DES MOINES, Iowa — A hunter thought he might have bagged a trophy buck when he shot a 14-point deer in northeast Iowa earlier this month.

Eric Weymiller, 25, of rural Harpers Ferry, started to field dress the animal when to his surprise he noticed it wasn’t a buck at all.

“I noticed right away it was missing some plumbing,” said Weymiller, who shot the animal Dec. 7 in Allamakee County.

He discovered he was dressing a doe sporting antlers with 14 tines, a big rack even for a buck.

“I stopped field dressing the animal and called a DNR biologist,” Weymiller said. “I wanted them to document this.”

Iowa Department of Natural Resources Biologist Terry Hainfield confirmed that the animal was female.

“It is unusual to find a doe with antlers, but what makes this particularly unusual is that the antlers had hardened and grown so big,” Hainfield said.

More research will be required to determine whether the deer’s antlers are large enough to set a record for doe antlers.

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