Saturday, December 31, 2005

New Year

Happy New Year everyone, wishing you the best.

1. I hope this year would not find anyone facing the great disasters like the Tsunami or Katrina or the Pakistan Earthquake. In reality we know these things happen continually and may be happening more because of Global Warning (some of them), and if you are the one affected it doesn't matter if the disaster is one on a global scale or only your home. So maybe I should just wish that we all are safe in the new year and that we avoid disasters, and if we do face one that we recover easily and it brings out the best in us rather than the worst.

2. Last year I almost lost my father. But now he is better than he had been in years. I hope everyone gets to enjoy their families.

3. I have been divorced now just over a year, although I've been alone much longer. I hope everyone can find the love they need in the coming year if they don't have it already, and if they do have it, I pray they can nurture it and appreciate it.

4. I hope everyone finds good health this year - mental, physical, emotional and spiritual.

5. I hope if we make it to the end of this year, that we are better than when it started - mentally, physically, emotionally and especially spiritually.

6. I finished my Master's Degree this past year. I pray everyone is able to obtain their educational goals and continually learn and grow.

7. Now I have to pay that school loan! I pray for everyone that we could all get out of debt. Come on, Publisher's Clearinghouse. :)

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