Friday, December 15, 2006

'I'm Not Weird, I'm Eclectic' Meme

I've been tagged by Baraka.

The Code: State six weird things about yourself. Then tag 6 people and leave them a comment to let them know that they've been tagged. I had to think about this one for a little bit.

1. I hate talking on the phone.

I can tolerate it with closest friends and family, but especially with anyone else I abhor it. It makes me uncomfortable. If someone calls and I don't recognize who the caller is, I will just ask to take a message. The one exception to that is a person taking a survey who immediately identifies that - I might participate in the survey to satisfy my own curiosity - I teach AP Statistics and will want to find out if they are following appropriate survey design techniques. :) Lots of men in particular just can't believe that a woman doesn't want to talk on the phone and think it is someone playing games with them or something, but I would much prefer e-mail any day, even with those closest to me. Get me off the phone.

2. I am a fidgeter.

I am that person whose leg is shaking all the time. I hate when someone sitting next to me grabs my leg to get me to stop - it is actually physically painful to try to stop. I also type all the time with my fingers - when I was a little kid before I learned to type it was sign language alphabet letters, and once I learned to type it switched to typing - it is just something that my hands do automatically and only occasionally am I aware of it. This doesn't mean I have ADD or something - I am very good at concentrating and focusing, I just often have a body that moves on its own because it needs to.

3. I don't like quiet.

I work in a school, so I am used to a noisy work environment. When I go and visit my mom at her work, it is so quiet in that office that I think I'd go crazy. I don't mind quiet sometimes, but I need some noise. At home, at all hours of the waking day there is some kind of background noise in my house - singing birds, TV on just for noise, etc. Without it, I'd go crazy. Noise doesn't affect my concentration unless I get too interested in whatever the noise is.

4. I am not in tune with negative feelings.

When I feel good, I usually know why, and I feel good most of the time. However, if I am feeling blue or angry, sometimes I really have to think it out to have any idea why. Yes, I am one of those girls who rarely will find herself crying for no apparent reason. There really is a reason, but it is usually complicated/suppressed. And no, I don't do it publicly. If I am feeling bad, it usually doesn't show, but if it does, I hate being asked what's wrong, especially because I might not know the answer.

5. I don't like crunchy food

Carrots are supposed to crunch. But for the most part, I dislike crunchy food. No hard shell tacos for me, no hard candy or crunchy cookies. Toast. Yuck.

6. I have a very active fantasy life.

I guess some people are never that way, and a lot of people grow out of it when they become adults, but not me. A good portion of my private free time is spent in other worlds inside my head, but no one can tell. It is probably my favorite pastime.

Tag: Wayfarer if she'd like to play. I think Hajar and Sis. Scorp. were already tagged. I won't tag Derek because he hates memes. I've never seen Abu Sinan do one. If Abdul-Rahim Borges is around maybe he'd like to play.

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