Saturday, February 10, 2007

The Center of the Galaxy

Beautiful Image of the Galactic Center

The center of the galaxy is a violent place, where stars are compacted and whirl at great speeds and fall into the apparent death of the black hole, ripped apart. But in a still image, it appears static and peaceful.

In Islamic sources the center of the universe is the Empyrean ('Arsh), where the will of God comes down, and the Ka'aba is a model or reminder of it and part of the reason for circumambulation in the hajj is because of its representation of the center of all things.

Well, last night mom and I and Jeff's kids went to the movies as usual. But nothing really "good" has been out new for awhile and the only non-rated R thing we hadn't seen yet that was a "horror" flick at our particular theater was Norbit. Yuck, it was just disgusting and depraved in my opinion. Yes, a few funny things happen, but mostly I thought it was just sad and sick more than anything else. And the theater was sold out.

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