Sunday, July 15, 2007

Stop Thief! and Dark Tower

I found this game at an antique mall for $8. I never played it as a kid because it was too expensive for us to buy, but I remember the commercials and I remember wanting it. When I saw it at the store, it looked like it might work and have most of the pieces, so I bought it. I played it with my parents tonight and everything is there and it works. We had fun playing with 1979 technology.

We also have Dark Tower that we received for Christmas one year - what a great game! We played it for hours and hours. It still works but is well-worn. I found a download so I can play it on my computer, but it loses its mystique that way; it just isn't the same. If they turned it into one of those strategy room-by-room games with good graphics that would be cool. The site I linked is a great fan site! Here is a flash version of the game.

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