Thursday, October 04, 2007

The purpose of the month of Ramadhan

"In the above verses, 3 purpose or results for fasting in Ramadan have been mentioned:

... 1. Taqwaa : learning self-restraint
... 2. Takbir : glorifying God Almighty because of being guided
... 3. Shukra : being grateful.

"In the above 3 terms, glorifying or praising God and being grateful is self-explanatory. Perhaps the first term, Taqwa holds the greatest significance and worth probing in details.

"The origin of the word taqwâ meaning "carefulness, Godfearing-ness" is from the Arabic root WQY from the 8th form verb, ittaqâ "be wary, godfearing".

"What does taqwa mean? Linguistically taqwa means protection and shield from what is "not good". Taqwa has multiple levels of meanings. In the exoteric dimension, taqwa means to save oneself from the illusion of this world which cause negative karma or punishment both in this world and in the hereafter. Taqwa provides the protection and shield which is established by true faith, which in return will cause great love and fear of God, that will lead to doing righteous deeds and avoiding the negative ones."

- from Br Sadiq Alam - read the rest here!

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