Wednesday, June 04, 2008

30 Days

Season 3 of 30 Days started this week. I am very happy to see this show back for another season. In this series, people walk in someone else's shoes for a month.

For example, in one episode, Morgan Spurlock, the creator, and his now-wife, became minimum wage workers for a month and tried to survive on nothing but what they made. Spurlock spent another 30 days in prison, and in this season, another 30 as a coal miner. But he isn't the only one in for the experience: other episodes involved a Christian moving in with a Muslim family, a Minuteman border patrol member moving in with a family of illegal immigrants, and an man whose job was outsourced to India moving to India to apply for the job he lost there and live with a family working the jobs that had been outsourced.

It is very interesting to see people learn more about themselves and see their enemies humanized before them. It is also fascinating to watch Mr. Spurlock in his quest - it is clear he is searching for something in himself. Fascinating relationships develop in most episodes and everyone walks away changed.

More info here.

A clip to get a taste (this is the episode about Islam - only one I could find a few clips on at Youtube):

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