Thursday, June 05, 2008

Crochet 101

So this stuff is the result of a few hours with a lady who knows crochet. I found at least the basics of crochet are very easy and a bit fun but your hands can get tired, and to make a finished product can take a lot of time. None of these really are anything - maybe a green bookmark - and one is a little bag but it ended up a little lopsided because the stitches on one side were tighter than the other. The long thing strand if I continue it could be the beginning of a blanket, but it would take hours and hours and hours to finish, so we'll see. Good thing is that it is doesn't require full concentration because it is repetitive, unless you are trying to follow a pattern that changes frequently so that you have to keep counting stitches. I'm not up to that too much yet. Yarn is pretty expensive - to finish that blanket to a size I'd like would probably take 6 skeins with each skein being around $5. So it isn't cheaper than just buying a blanket in a store really. So you really have to want to make something or have something in mind that you can't find in a store.

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