Tuesday, December 02, 2008


One day before Thanksgiving Break, one of my more social classes was on-task quite a bit more than usual. One student said I should take a picture, but laughed heartily when I actually did.

I'm still taking sewing classes. Actually, my October class was canceled so I was taking it in November. I am working on a dress but I'm not more than half-way done yet. But one night last month I made these fleece pillowcases for my nieces and nephew for Christmas. I found the fleece cheap. Not my best sewing work, I just wanted to get them done.

For the adults, I made family-photo calendars for Christmas, using Shutterfly.com. I also made one with all the Shia calendar events and hijri dates - if anyone wants to order one I can do some customizing for you so let me know. Not cheap for ordering one, but when you order several the prices are more reasonable.

And tonight was my first quilting class. Long day from being at work at 7am and getting home from quilting at 9:30pm but so far it is going well and I like it. It is a bit mathematical / geometric and the sewing and directions so far are simpler than trying to do some of the crazy things that go on in garment-making.

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