Saturday, May 18, 2013

Bear Creek Park Bird Count 5/18/13

New bird:  Willow Flycatcher  Good view of Lesser Goldfinch, too.  Northern Parula good views as well.

Black-chinned Hummingbird

Bullock's Oriole

Great horned Owl (mom?)

the kids

Garter Snake

American Goldfinch


Zain said...

This is actually wonderful to see so many species in your posts, and also your camera and photographing techniques are pretty flawless. I have a few questions:

1. Where exactly is all this? I presume Colorado, but where exactly?
2. Do you roam around finding these animals or just find them on walks/hikes?
3. What is the proximity of these parks with urban areas?
4. Does all of Colorado have these beautiful parks for hiking?

Diana Beatty said...

Thanks for the comment and questions.
As for the camera - there are many more not-as-good photos that I don't post here. That's a nice thing about digital cameras - you can take a lot of pictures and hopefully some of them will come out semi-decently.

1. I live near Colorado Springs, so the vast majority of these are within 30 minutes of Colorado Springs. This particular set is within the city limits of Colorado Springs in a county park called Bear Creek Park.

2. I just keep my eyes open when I go out walking or on hikes. Sometimes I go specifically hoping to see birds.

3. The vast majority are within a few minutes of Colorado Springs. Some are a little further away, but none that I've posted recently except Bret Gray Ranch which was about an hour drive out onto the plains. Some are within the city itself.

4. Most of Colorado does, yes, but you have to pay attention to see it sometimes. The state is 1/3 prairie, 1/3 mountain, 1/3 plateau so each has its own look, but all hold wildlife, just different varieties.