Thursday, June 20, 2013

Adams Open Space, Fountain, 6/20/13

A small (40 or so acres) open space in downtown Fountain, CO (access behind the library).  Very pleasant - the stream was crystal clear - maybe a good spot to check during migration.  I suspect the Kites are breeding here.  Low traffic while we were there - a teenaged boy who said he was looking for  Wild Turkeys with babies he'd seen another day and snakes and that he wants to be a herpetologist when he grows up, and a few high school kids jogging for cross country practice.  I think it isn't a well known park.

Mississippi Kite

Swallowtail on Milkweed




bird noises etc.  2 seconds in is Yellow-breasted Chat

Prickly Poppy

fish or tadpole?

Leopard Frog


more fishies?

more bird noises, etc.  Near the end is Blue Grosbeak

Red-flowering Yucca

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