Friday, June 07, 2013

McNiel/Swisher to top of Cheyenne Mountain

Hiking notes:  Drove to Stables at the Broadmoor for parking, trailhead is on Old Stage Road behind a sign.  MacNiel trail is mostly shaded and easy.  Swisher is very steep (last mile or so of hike to destination meadow on top).  The summit meadow does not have views to the east, but feels very secluded.  

On the way up the very easy/moderate McNiel trail

Where we were headed - Cheyenne Mountain top, as seen from McNiel at some point

beautiful quartz

view down Old Stage Road to town

the meadow on top, after the steep climb up Swisher.

lots of bear-climbed trees in the meadow

and remnants of an old cabin or something (stove here)

On the way back it rained, only lightly at the time of this photo, but more soon after. Fortunately we were down from the very steep Swisher trail and back on McNiel before it got very wet.  A little hail, too.

Good views as always from the bottom of Old Stage looking over the Broadmoor and downtown.

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