Saturday, September 14, 2013

Fall Bird Count Fountain Creek 9/14/13

Mom and I covered area six led by Jeannie and Ron Mitchell.  It was birdy, but no very rare birds. Lots of major flood damage after Wednesday/Thursday flooding. Part of the trail is just completely gone because the creek re-routed in a major way.  Lots of muddy muck but had fun trying to navigate it - adventure quota met.   Ken Pals was sent off with cake for his very last day of service in El Paso County.  Maybe he'll come down now and then, but he has passed the batons of the counts to Steve Getty and Tyler Stuart.
2nd year Mullen

Flood damage - memorial bench - garden behind is just gone, mud was fresh over a foot thick, lots of debris.

Several areas of trail and grassland wiped clean, even a few hundred yards from shore.

That's the trail, disappearing in the now wide and re-routed creek - major changes.

Western Wood Peewee or Olive-Sided? - lots of these.

I *think* these are female or young Lazuli Buntings or Blue Grosbeaks.
Clay-colored Sparrow

Ken Pals will be missed.  He's an inspiring mentor.

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