Saturday, September 21, 2013

Stratton Open Space and Gold Camp Rd. 9/21/13

Evidence of last week's flooding is still present.

I thought all the Starr Kempf sculptures were gone?

Only spot we could see down onto the road in North Cheyenne Canyon - we could see a bit of damage and evidence of repair work already.  A few orange cones, evidence of dirt brought in, cracking on the road that looks new.  There may be worse-looking sections we couldn't see.

Silver Cascade or Spoon Falls much higher than normal

Gold Camp Tunnel 1 - evidence of water through here.  On Gold Camp Rd. we saw some exposed coal where the water had eroded on the side but we forgot to pick some up - thinking it came off trains 100 yrs ago....

Clematis tangutica

Dying Douglas Fir looks like one of those 1950's pink Christmas trees....

Awesome moss

Stratton reservoir

Whatever you're thinking, NO

On the way back, we took a detour down a washed out gully - it apparently washed out through an old trash pile?
Broad-winged Hawk - lifer
This photo showing flooding/damage in North Cheyenne Canyon Park is credited to Mike Searle.  

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