Saturday, April 12, 2014

Oil Well Flats 4-12-14

Hiked 8 miles in the Oil Well Flats north of Canyon City, mostly up Ms. Spike but also in several other areas.  Added another 1.5 or so looking for a dropped phone and wallet.   That puts group runtotal up to about 49 miles.  Trails are all easy/moderate and include many old roads.  Good area for biking and horseback riding in addition to hiking.  This area would probably be scorching hot in the dog days of summer.  Got blisters on my arches on the soles of my feet - my hiking shoes have an arch that just seems to be too high; I might need to invest in a different pair. Stopped at the Gooseberry Patch in Penrose for lunch - I like the Gooseberry Pie. :)

a den of some kind

jumping spider of some kind

crazy cool

burn looks old - couldn't find info about it, but would like to know

more crazy cool

Ambrosia Verbena

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