Saturday, April 26, 2014

Curiosity Satisfied - N Cheyenne Canyon/Gold Camp 4/26/14

We found the mysterious structures we'd had far-off peeks of from Mt. Buckhorn and High Drive.  We were surprised to find apparently someone had been building some very crazy looking biking ramps and jumps hidden in the forest.  It appears abandoned now.  There were several prospect mines in the area. We also came across a very well-made lean-to camp.  I found a newspaper inside almost exactly 1-year old.  We're speculating last year's floods may have pushed the resident out - his structure is fine, but there was quite the spontaneous river right next to it late last summer.  But newspaper inside dated a year ago suggests maybe it was abandoned around then, for whatever reason. This hike was more exploration than anything, and we added on a trip along the road to Captain Jack's and back for some distance and trail prospecting for a total of about 5 miles (runtotal 54 miles).

"Secret" trail where the structures were located.
Bicycle sideways ramp thingy - not that old, little used, and by trail litter, etc., apparently abandoned now.
Bike jump after that ramp.
Bike jump view from other side.
Starting platform, apparently.

Another bike jump, larger.

View from the other side.

Awesome lean-to, with stone stoop, steps, and everything.  Newspaper inside indicates last occupation may have been a year ago.

Ladder at the lean-to site.  To hang food, maybe.
Apparently a hunting spear?
The lean-to.
Broadmoor from Gold Camp
Mt. Muscoco and the road up N. Cheyenne Canon
The road (some flood damage still apparent) and the creek next to it.
Geodetic survey marker at Tunnel 1.
The Cheyenne Lodge the Broadmoor is rebuilding.
Tree flowers
Looks like an old tire chain buried in the Gold Camp tunnel? Or could it be older and associated with the railroad?
Silver Cascade Falls
Down in the valley
Tunnel 2
Apparently a sardine can for shooting
Mine shaft, hidden behind a berm.  Looks like two levels of tunnel.  And I think I see a Coke bottle?
The cool flying centipede looking thing - I've seen shows trying to claim it is some alternate dimensional form of life, but really it is just fast bug and slow camera.

On the road.
One of the first photos of the day.

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