Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Mississippi Kites return 5-6-14

Just got home from work to find at least a pair have returned.  Good news!  This is a picture of one in the neighborhood today.
Photo credit:  Bill Maynard

Update 5/24/14 - I haven't seen Kites in the neighborhood since 5/17.  I am quite sure they're not nesting in the site that they lost the baby last year, but I am wondering if they moved on altogether - did they not find enough food or is our spring a bit too chilly for them this year, or they moved on to a whole new colony site?  I hope I'll see them again soon, but I don't know if they're still here.

Update 5/27/14 - Saw a pair hunting around the intersection of Main and Security - so that pair is still in the area - I was so happy to see them!

Update 5/28/14 - Kite spotted near the irrigation ditch on FVS land in scraggly dead tree next to Fontaine Blvd between Kokomo and Grinnell.  When I got home around 7:30 one was also in the big tree behind my house again, but flew off the north as I pulled my car in the driveway.  So there is still hope of a nest within a block or so of my house maybe....

Update 6/1/14 - Just heard a Kite call from the tall tree behind my house - saw two kind of chasing each other around briefly.  Hadn't seen any since Wednesday....  I'm wondering if they're on Hopi St. this year, but if they were I think I'd see them more....

Update 6/2/14 - Kite sat in the big tree behind my house preening for a solid two hours - about 6 to 8 p.m.  Took off to the northeast this time.

Update 6/15/14 - No Kites seen since around 6/4/14 - couldn't find any sightings newer than that in e-bird, either. Did they leave?  If so, where did they go?  Will they have time to breed if they went somewhere to start over?

Update 6/17/14 - Kite in tree behind house when I got home a bit before 8 p.m.  Facing west, whereas last year it would've faced east - so perhaps there is a nest in the east direction.  I hope I see them more often soon!

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