Saturday, May 03, 2014

Road to Nowhere - Spring Creek 5/3/14

North Cheyenne Canyon area again today - went up Middle Columbine to Spring Creek up to Gold Camp Road and up an old road bed.  Past the end of the road on a steep "social" trail, then back down to Gold Camp, and down a short cut older Spring Creek trail. Distance about 4-5 miles.  (Runtotal 59 miles).  About 1300 feet elevation gain.

Evening Primrose

flower grass of some kind

Past Nowhere (past the end of the old road)
Past Nowhere (past the end of the old road)

Trail was steep.

Deer next to Gold Camp Rd.

Nice views as usual.

Looking up.

Found this near Gold Camp Rd.  What is it?  Looks like a switch of some kind.  How old is it? 

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